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Shockwave Therapy for Men’s Health
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Shockwave Therapy Services We Offer

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At Ottawa Men’s Health Clinic, we specialize in cutting-edge, non-invasive shockwave therapy that promises a pain-free treatment experience designed to enhance your sexual health and performance. Our advanced low-frequency shockwave device is expertly engineered to stimulate blood flow in the penile area by targeting the blood vessels with sound waves.

This safe and efficient treatment requires just six sessions, with many of our clients reporting noticeable improvements in their erections after just two to three sessions.

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Boosted Confidence

Overcome the barriers that are preventing you from leading the life you’ve desired.

Long-Term Results

Our therapy is designed to maximize efficiency and minimize time commitment.

Drug-Free Solution

Get the results you want without having to deal with the consequences of medication.

Educated and Experienced

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Health Expert

Dr. McLellan is a trained family doctor with six years of experience in men’s health practice. He recognized a distinct lack of men’s health services in Ottawa and shortly thereafter opened Ottawa Men’s Health Clinic. Dr. McLellan’s goal is to use his education and practical experience to help patients overcome a common issue that impacts the lives of countless men.

Dr. Derek McLellan


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